Summer Is Here!

Well summer may not have officially begun yet on the calendar, but for us at Woodson Chapel it is in full swing! We started off our summer with a 10 hour van drive to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. Been an awesome day, but pretty exhausted! And the way summer begins is the way it will continue to be all summer. Really awesome but really exhausting! 

But even as exhausting as it is, it is my favorite time of year! This summer we will put on a VBS at Woodson, go on 2 Mission Trips (to Mobile, AL and Honduras), go to church camp, take a Junior/Senior Retreat, attend SEC, and have a Huge Back-2-School Lock-In to wrap up the summer, on top of our Cedar Point Trip. And while all of those things and places we go are good, they are not my favorite part of the summer. Here are 3 reasons I love the summer:

1. Lots of Time with Students. That means lots of time to build relationships. I will get to spend a lot of time investing in students lives...and their is nothing I love doing more than that! 

2. Baptisms. The summer time always seems to be a time that gets kids thinking about becoming a Christian. Not sure if I completely understand why, but I love it! I will get to study the Bible this summer with many, many students who are ready to give their lives fully to the Lord! 

3. Unity. Again, the summer time is a time where we are together a lot!! And there will be so many opportunities for relationships to be built among our students. I want to encourage any of our students who might be reading this to take the time this summer to get to know someone in the youth group that you don't know very well.

There are so many other reasons and things that I love about the summer...but after driving all day and then taking a group of 30 students to a theme park for the hours I wasn't driving...3 is all I can come up with right now. I think you will understand! And if you don't understand then come be a chaperone for us sometime! :)