"Let Your Colors Show" Spring Retreat 2014

So if you missed out on this years Spring Retreat, then you really missed a good one!! We took exactly 50 people to Western Kentucky Youth Camp in Marion, KY. We had a blast, and God provided us with some great weather!! 

This year's theme was "Let Your Colors Show", and our key verse for the weekend was Ephesians 2:10. 

"For you are His masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand."

What a powerful verse!! We explored all of the different things that this verse means to us as Christians. Our fist lesson was on Friday night and was simply titled "His Masterpiece". We started out the weekend talking about how we are all children of God's and how He created us in His image...the most beautiful image we could ever be created in. We showed this amazing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lMZBwkrxVY 

And talked about God loving us despite all of our imperfections and how He sees past those things. 


Saturday, was an extremely FULL day!! We started out the morning with colored pancakes! Then we had another devotional together where we talked about being God's Kaleidoscopes! The word kaleidoscope means "beautiful form to see." The idea here is that we were created to reflect the beautiful form of Jesus. That is our most beautiful form to be seen! Saturday was also full of lots of colorful games...Hippitty Hop Jousting, Color the President and a game called Color Zombies. 


We also got to enjoy a really cool paint slip-n-slide (that didn't work...most of the teens ended up rolling down the hill). But at the end of the slide we placed a white sheet and created this beautiful artwork! Showing us just how God can take something as messy as our lives and create a beautiful masterpiece...HIS MASTERPIECE! 

Saturday nights lesson to help us remember that God created us on purpose and that He planned for us to be here. In understanding that we must start to see ourselves how God sees us ("Through God-Colored Glasses") and not how Satan tells us we look. Paul tells us in Colossians 3:12 that God sees us in 3 ways: CHOSEN, HOLY (set apart), and DEARLY LOVED! Once we understand that we are able to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, gentleness, humility and patience...instead of seeing ourselves how the enemy tells us we look (WORTHLESS, LOSER, GUILTY, REJECT, FAILURE). 

Sunday was an amazing morning of worship. I just love worshipping with our teens!! We ended with a lesson called "Let Your Colors Show". The whole weekend built up to this lesson. Once we realize that we were created in Christ and to reflect Christ, and once we start viewing ourselves as God sees us, then we are ready to let our colors show. You were "created in Christ Jesus FOR GOOD WORKS..." We leave fingerprints everywhere we go but what kind of fingerprints are we leaving behind? Are they fingerprints that point to God (Matthew 5:16) or fingerprints that point to ourselves? 

We are given opportunities to let our colors show for God everyday...but so often we hide those colors out of shame. It is time to LET YOUR COLORS SHOW!!